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Sportorders Europe in cooperation with the largest importer of Coconut drinks in the Benelux introduce Coconut Health drinks in the fitness market.







Sportorders Europe increases the range of healthy drinks with a full range of Aloe Vera drinks.


Aloe vera is already much older than humanity and for hundreds of years the possitive effect of this plant has been recognized around the world.
There are various Aloe vera products that are often used externally for skin conditions or to improve the inner well-being.
The consumer today does not always want to perish that they apply these substances daily but want to enjoy the positive effects of this plant.

Sportorders Europe brings a wide range of Aloe vera drinks in a dozen different flavors on the market.








Propercorn outrageously tasty, but not like the traditional sugared popcorn snack!


We all want a tight body, hours in the gym and all your beloved snacks drop a lot less.
People often end up in a Jo-jo effect, they lose the unnecessary kilos and then go back to unhealthy snacking.

As of today, this will change, Sportorders Europe has already invested a lot in healthy meals and snacks in the past.
With the range of Protein dishes from Shape essentials you give that calorie and sugar rich meal a direct turnaround.

Max Sport, Fulfil protein bars, and Got7 nutirition offer you those tasty sugar-poor refreshments during the day without having to compromise on taste.

What should not be missing in our offer is Propercorn, who is not interested in the TV with a tasty bag of perfumed popcorn that tastes even better than in the cinema? And this time you can do without guilt !!









Sportorders Europe will become the new distributor for GOT7 Nutrition in Belgium, the Netherlands and France

A healthy body and healthy mind is more than just going to a sports club.
Today people are more aware of what they eat and how much they exercise, a balanced diet is more central today than ever before.
Away with the jo-jo diets where in the short term from overweight to those extra kilos is less, which then fly back again.
GOT7 Nutrition is a protein-rich, low sugar, low fat range of snacks that help you not to snack unhealthy every time.

GOT7 Nutrition offers a range of protein chips, flavor drops, low calorie and sugar sauces, low sugar bars and snacks.






VIT HIT the healthy drink we miss today in the fridge - Available at Sportorders Europe!


Vithit is made because of a lack of healthy drinks that are available nowadays in our refrigerators. 'Most drinks contain buckets of sugar. Sugar means calories and people no longer want calories in their diet, "says Gary Lavin, director and creator of VITHIT.

'I made VITHIT because I had seen people burn on a treadmill for 30 minutes and then burned calories and brought them back in with a sports drink'. 'Most sports drinks contain 180 calories, sugar and salts, not exactly ideal for weight loss'. 'Our first mission was to ensure that our drinks tasted as good or better than their sweet counterparts, and then add so much goodness without compromising on taste'.

VITHIT also contains 100% recommended daily amount of 8 vitamins plus health-promoting tea and herbs for general well-being. Ian O Rourke joined the company with a wealth of experience in the beverage industry.
Both Gary and Ian's partnership has grown from strength to strength to where VITHIT is now a very recognizable Irish brand that is exported to 8 countries worldwide. From today Sportorders Europe takes care of the distribution of VIT-HIT to the Fitness segment. Do you want to become acquainted with the VIT-HIT products as a trader? contact your representative => +32 499 14 80 53




Sportorders Europe and RED BULL Benelux are joining forces.

The healthy trend of fitness is not only striking in the gym, it is also strongly present on the social media like Facebook and Instagram, but it goes much further and this positive trend now also continues in our daily lives.

RED BULL is an icon when it comes to energy drinks and is known worldwide for its products and activities in this segment.

The strong distribution structure at Sportorders Europe and the innovative range of products at Red Bull brings our companies closer together.
Not only does Red Bull offer products that can give you that extra push during your training, with its renewed sugar Free range Red Bull brings this engergyvia Sportorders Europe to your gym.





Fulfil Protein bars find their way to the gym through Sportorders Europe!

Fulfil Protein bars are not only tasty, they are also full of vitamins and are low in sugar.
A protein bar contains no less than 20g of high-quality protein and is the ideal snack after your training or during those between moments in the day.

View our product video here:




SUPP24 Pre-workout shot - Protein Shots - BCAA shots and Creatine shot find their way to the fitness market through Sportorders Europe distribution.

There is no halt to the development of sports supplements, not only are they getting better, the products in Belgium are also becoming more reliable and safer.

With SUPP24, Sportorders Europe has introduced a new evolution in the sports nutrition market where many sportsmen will achieve their results.
Supp24 brings safe products tested by the Informed Sports Nutrition lab so that they are proven dope free. In addition, it also has the support of the NZVT.

Not only are the products of SUPP24 very reliable and effective, they also come in a handy potable shot, easily and quickly absorbed.







Sportorders Europe and USN Sportsnutrition start a new evaporation operation.


USN Sportrnutrition - Is one of the leading companies in Sports Nutrition and support their customers with every fitness challenge they take!

Market leaders in the field of sports nutrition, at USN they are proud to offer only the best sports supplements and expert nutrition advice. Their ambition is to stimulate the ambition of every fitness enthusiast around the world, and it is their ambition to help every individual who has a goal or goal to reach higher and push harder.

USN's exciting journey began in 1999 when owner Albé Geldenhuys, a mountain bike lover, founded Ultimate Sports Nutrition, promising to develop and deliver only the most advanced sports nutrition to any discipline, in any sport, with which goal.

Their # ChallengeYourself ethos gives a clear indication of how they work, they want to motivate you to try something new, whether you are an experienced professional or a complete beginner, take on challenges and give a shock to the system, the push-start you have to help you get that step closer where they deserve to be.

With the growing importance of maintaining an active lifestyle that is becoming more and more conscious for individuals, it is essential that you train the right way. Athletes, sports teams, fitness enthusiasts, they all have one thing in common, they want to improve.

World-class athletes from different sports codes form the USN Sportsnutrition family and testify to the reputation of our products. Their athletes include champion bodybuilders, rugby world cup winners and fitness competitors, just to name a few. They work closely with these top athletes to ensure that they take very sophisticated supplements in accordance with their training and event programs to produce results that beat the world.





Sugar-free the new way of healthy snacking finds an offer in Sportorders Europe


It has long been known that sugar is the main culprit in our unhealthy lifestyle.
This has not gone unnoticed at Sportorders and the demand for these products has also risen sharply recently.
Do you not only want to get down to work in the gym today, but continue this lifestyle at home without having to sacrifice your eating habits?
Sportorders Europe offers a complete range of sugar-free products that you can use during your meals, as a snack or snack.

We bundle all these products under the "other dietetic foods" range








Sportorders Europe establishes its subsidiary Sportorders Nederland.


Sportorders Europe wants its Dutch customers to enjoy a more personal service.
For that reason she will continue her growth locally with a more personal local approach to her customers.
Sportorders Nederland will focus on the Dutch market.




Sportorders includes the first nootropic product "Omnimind" in its range.


At GetOmniMind we believe in the power of balanced supplements for a better life. As true high-performing and nootropic users, we have only one mission: "How can we make the healthiest and most powerful nootropic on earth?" We have sought help from experts from industry and doctors to achieve the best results. After investing years of research, we have developed the perfect dosing formula. We have marketed it as a fully balanced and safe smart-drug to improve your mental performance: OmniMind®.

OmniMind® is now a fast-growing brand that gives a multitude of high-achievers a strong competitive advantage.

We believe that serving our customers is responsible for ensuring that they are satisfied with their purchase. We actively strive to be the number 1, both as a premium nootropic provider and with excellent customer service.

We will do our best to ensure that every customer is satisfied. We will also strive to keep our formula in line with the latest research and development activities through continuous evaluation. We believe that we can create an intense impact on the industry by permanently focusing on the needs of our customers.



 Omnimind has not yet been notified and is therefore not yet available for the Belgian market.



Sportorders takes over the distribution to fitness centers in collaboration with D-Drinks 

Nocco and Barebells are included in the range.

Sports orders and Ddrinks have been working together as well-respected colleagues for years.
Each our own range, competitive with each other as well as often we serve the same customers.
Both companies see a WIN-WIN in a collaboration where Sportorders can use its assets of distribution, sales, logistics, and its extensive range of sales channels, while Ddrinks, which is very strong in the promotion of its products, strengthens these strengths in the market.


From now on all products from NOCCO and BAREBELLS are available



Sportorders Europe offers a solution for personal trainers and home trainers.

Distribution IRON GYM to personal trainers, gyms, sports and Ecom platforms.


The fitness market is constantly changing, today, in addition to the traditional fitness offer, there is a complete specialization of personal trainers, sport-specific centers, but home training is also on the rise.
Sportorders wants to offer an offer to all its customers.
Not only does Sportorders Europe offer a total range of professional strength and cardio equipment, the expansion with the product range IRON GYM also offers its customers a solution for those who want to train at home.



Sportorders is further developing its new diet line SHAPE ESSENTIALS.

This new product brand consists of about 70 products in the ketose range.
Ketose diet or also called protein diet, let users go into a state of ketosis by excluding sugar.
The body is then obliged to look for other sources of energy. By increasing the protein content in the diet, one therefore protects the muscle mass that is necessary to burn fat. The body will produce ketones that are aimed at using fats as energy.
For many years here the traditional protein shakes were used to provide your body with this, but with the development of a completely new range of products Sportorders goes a step further. SHAPE ESSENTIALS has a variety of protein meals, consisting of protein omelettes, protein breakfast cereals, protein soups with more than 60% protein, protein bars without sugar, protein desserts, as well as protein snacks, chips, and other snacks. SHAPE ESSENTIALS is packaged in a beautiful package that is also attractive to women and conveniently dosed in bags per meal.
More information about the complete line of Shape Essentials can be found in the sports orders shop or on www.afslanklijn.be

For more information, please contact your representative. +32 499 14 80 53




Collaboration between Sportorders and Bike trading.

First Class Nutrition Gamma - Bicycle dealers


Sportorders enters into a partnership with Bike Trading NV for the endurance range from First Class Nutrition to bicycle dealers.

Bike trading etc also known for the distribution of Minerva bicycles as well as electric bikes now also starts with sports nutrition.

From now on, every bicycle dealer can order the quality range of First Class nutrition at Bike trading.

The introduction of this collaboration took place on velofolies in January this year, where the products were received very positively by the public.



Sports orders importer of Max Sport for Belgium and the Netherlands.


Max Sport Nutrition was started in 2005 with the aim to develop dietary supplements and a vision.
The company specializes in the manufacture of these supplements and healthy snacks.
In collaboration with technologists, physiological experts, sports managers and diet experts, they have set a goal to make high-quality, but affordable products for everyone.
More and more people are more aware of their food and of course Sportorders has not missed it. Sportorders brings a "healthy snack with benefits" to the market with the Max Sport range.
Max Sport is a range of Low calorie - protein products that are packed with superfoods.
So in many of the products "Gluten-free and non GMO" as well as enriched with healthy ingredients such as Goji.
Max Sport is a range for both men and women and also has a very healthy appearance.
From now on you can find the Max Sport products in Fitness centers, slimming shops or here and there in the healthier supermarket.



Sportorders introduces Shape Essentials.


Besides the two Belgian quality brands First Class Nutrition and Mp3 drinks, Sportorders now also has a gamma Protein diet.

Shape Essentials is a range of protein products that together form a Protein diet.

In the Shape Essentials range we find protein breakfast cereals, protein pastas, protein soups and pancakes as well as tasty snacks such as diet chips and low-calorie snacks, puddings and bars.

The full range of Shape Essentials can be found at the specialized weight loss centers or Diet shops.


For more information about Shape Essentials or if you want to offer Shape Essentials in your center, please contact: Mr Matthys: joris.matthys@sportorders.eu



Sportorders Europe a Trustworthy partner for more than 25 years.


Sportorders has been active for 25 years as a distributor and producer of the best quality sports nutrition.

Our company supplies sports nutrition at home to Fitness centers, Sports halls, sports clubs and supplements shops.

Since recently, it is also possible for our Business customers to order online via a special distributor platform.




Sportorders Europe launches Zumba Fitness Products in Europe


A new brand is trending in the fitness market, Zumba Fitness a latin in spired fitness workout is finding it s way to the Fitness industry in Europe 
Sportorders will become their official European distributor supplying Zumba s members and gyms with Zumba products. 

In the next few months Sportorders will develop new distributorschannels in all key European markets to supply Zumba Fitness products more locally. 
More info about Zumba Fitness : www.zumba.com



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